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(Concept / Packaging design / Storytelling / Identity, 2018)

School project for packaging design and storytelling. The instructions were to create a package for 200g or 400g “medical“ chocolate. The story should be based on something or someone from your hometown (real or fictional).

I chose to create a chocolate called Anti-Fascist chocolate. The idea was inspired by several recent events in my hometown and all over Sweden. Sweden has become a thriving base of neo-Nazi ideology where frequent rallys, demonstrations and attendance at major political events has become common. We are moving towards a normalization of racist parties and ideologies. This is unacceptable, we must do something! The purpose of this chocolate is to raise awareness and support organizations against Nazism, racism, homophobia and sexism.

︎My design process almost always starts by just sketching my ideas and researching the topic. I enjoy the process of trying different ideas and testing what works and what dosen’t. In this case I knew right away that I wanted to create illustrations and a hand drawn font. I wanted the illustrations to symbolize love, equality and solidarity and humanity. As for colors I wanted something that would stand out, something bold.

Bellow is the final result. Package design, 
4 posters and 2 exampels of photos as part of the overall brand concept. ︎